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10 Inspirations And Recipes For Hot Dogs From All Over The World

Hot dog is not just an ordinary snack. It is a delicacy. It has hundreds of shapes, flavours and aromas. Be inspired by our selection of hot dogs from all over the world and enjoy this iconic meal at home with family or friends. If you like experimenting, try compiling your own version. There are absolutely no limits to imagination and taste.


How to prepare the perfect hot dog


The basis of a good hot dog is a soft pastry and a quality sausage with a high meat content. The topping is completely under your control. A popular classic is the combination of white cabbage, pickles, onions and mustard but you can still be a little bolder. The imagination in the kitchen is endless.


Hot dog buns


The buns for a proper American hot dog must be fluffy but at the same time strong enough to keep a generous charge of filling and toppings. It should be sweet and brioche-like in texture. This type of pastry can comfortably withstand freezing, so you can be ready for a hot dog party at virtually any time. You can fry the bun briefly in butter before adding the filling, so they get a richer taste.


How to cook sausages


You may think that cooking sausages is easy. But how many times have you had sausages cracked or overcooked? The trick is that the sausages are not cooked, but slowly heated. Always put them in boiling water, cover with a lid, immediately remove from the hot plate and let warm in water for 10 minutes. They will stay so juicy and never crack. Alternatively, use special hot dog roller machines that will do the work for you. Another tasty way to prepare hot dog sausages is on the grill pan. Heat a hotplate over a medium flame. For the sausages to be firm and crunchy, they only need a few minutes on the grill.


Traditional and non-traditional fillings for hot dogs


There is no universal guide to the perfect hot dog. There are no limits to your imagination when preparing fillings or toppings. The only rule is that you like the result. You can be inspired by some of the famous recipes, such as Coney Island, Chicago or New York. However, if you like to experiment, start tuning your own version of hot dog.


Hot dogs from all over the world


American hot dog


The American hot dog is an all-time classic, but its history began on the other side of the ocean in Frankfurt, Germany. The Germans, who then immigrated to America, brought not only their favourite dachshunds but an iconic hot dog, too. Today, you will come across hot dogs in various forms almost all over the world. Europe starts and New Zealand ends. But the basis is always the same: high quality sausage.


Hot dog in a French style


Even snobbish French cuisine has fallen under the spell of the fast-food icon. Sausages or white sausages are served here in a French baguette with blue cheese sauce and caramelized onions. At the top they are decorated with a generous portion of spring onions and parsley.


Scandinavian hot dog from Denmark


The popular Nordic hot dog variation is the Danish one. Instead of the classic sausage, they serve a popular rød pølse – red pork sausage. Danish mustard, fried onions and remoulade must not be missing from the bun.


Mexican hot dog


Coriander, lime and chilli. This iconic Mexican trio plays the main role in this delicacy. Serve hot dogs sprinkled with chopped jalapeno peppers and bite nachos with delicious guacamole. Mexican cuisine is colourful, varied and also pretty hot, so don’t be afraid to combine different types of chili peppers when preparing a hot dog. Try smoked chipotle, spicy habanero or pickled poblano.


Argentina Choripan


The name choripán is derived from two words: chorizo, sausage, and pan, bread. The Argentinian choripan was made from sausage made from beef and pork, heated on a grill, halved in the middle and served in a bun. Chorizo can be used whole or cut in half, in which case it is called mariposa. It is usually made with spicy and fresh chimichurri sauce which brings the special bright flavour.


Korean hot dog


The Koreans took the preparation of the hot dog in their own way. The sausage is not served here in a bun with a filling, but pierced on a stick. And that’s not all. It is covered with velvety melted cheese, wrapped in batter, fried and topped with sugar. The individual recipes differ mainly in the type of cheese. Popular variations include those with mozzarella and cheddar.


Thai taste


In Thailand, hot dogs are a popular street food from stalls located on every corner. Unlike American classics, however, the sausages are grilled and drizzled with sweet chili sauce. The topping must include onions, coriander, lime juice and fish sauce.


Greek Style


Greek style hot dog is more or less usual hot dog with unusual Greek dressing. It is made from yogurt, light mayonnaise, grated cucumber, chives, dill, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Top the dog with the yogurt mixture, shredded lettuce, red onion, diced tomato and more cucumber and enjoy the summer.


Chilean hot dog


In Chile, they serve a popular hot dog called “completo”. In addition to sausage in a bun, this Latin American version also uses mashed avocados, chopped tomatoes, salsa, chilli and cheese. The Chilean hot dog is usually twice the size of the American.


Czech hot dog


Nowhere else in the world does exists such a weird hot dog. Typically, a Czech hot dog consists of a heated or grilled sausage inserted into a baguette called “rohlik”. The tip of the croissant is cut off and a recess is made in it to fit the sausage. An ordinary sausage in an ordinary white croissant and drizzled with mustard or ketchup, sometimes both, and why not, is the most popular fast food snack for young children, is an evergreen on football stadiums, swimming pools, campsites or train stations.


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